Landlord Information

Are you considering becoming a Housing Choice Voucher Program landlord?   Find out more about the program on our question and answer page.  

Do you have a unit available to rent to HCV clients?  Complete and submit this form and we will post your listing in our reception area for 30 days.  Please call us when the unit is rented.  

You can also advertise for no cost at Maryland Housing Search.

Landlord Forms:

Landlord Financial Forms *Assistance payments for voucher tenants cannot be made without receipt and approval of these documents.
Agent Authorization Form
Landlord Certification
Lead Warning Statement
Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA)
SDAT Address Change Form
Smoke Detector Certification
Current Utility Schedule
Landlord Request for HAP Contract Assignment

Landlord with keys

Section 8 Rental Payment Schedule

These are the dates you will receive your tenant's 
rental payments from our office for FY2020:
Month Payment Date
July  July 5, 2019
August  August 2, 2019
September  August 30, 2019
October  September 27, 2019
November  November 1, 2019
December  November 29, 2019
January  January 3, 2020
February  January 31, 2020
March  February 28, 2020
April  March 27, 2020
May  May 1, 2020
June  May 29, 2020